Digital Gong Relaxation - Downloadable Album with mp3-files

Digital Gong Relaxation - Downloadable mp3-files

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I have released an album with Gong-relaxation.

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  • It is a Digital Album with downloadable mp3 files.

    The Album
    Gong Relaxation Sounds
    - For energy and a calm mind
    Enjoy the sound from the Gong, Singing Bowls and Wind Chimes. During the day
    let them put you in a deep relaxation state for a while and afterwards you get new
    fresh energy, creativity and alertness.
    Use it before you go to bed, and get a really nice relaxation before it's time to sleep,
    or even you sleep before the sounds has ended!

    Much pleasure!
    /Mattias, Feel The Vibes
    The Tracks
    Track 1 - Gong to Sleep - 15 min
    This is 15 minutes Relaxation to the sound and vibrations of the Gong.

    Track 2 - Gong Bath - 30 min
    This is a Gong Bath for 30 minutes.

    Track 3 - Singing Bowl Meditation - 10 min
    This is the sound of 4 singing bowls that helps you get calm.

    Track 4 - Wind Shimes - 5 min
    The subtle sound of Zaphir Wind Shimes - Sunray & Crystalide
    You could use it after the Gong to wake up, or just as a
    separate meditation.
    Bonus Track 1 - Cover Sous les draps
    A really beautiful instrumental song - Sous les draps (from the movie Mr Nobody)
    written by Pierre Van Dormael, I just play a little loop that I liked a lot.
    Hope you enjoy it! :-)
    Bonus Track 2 - We are one - Mattias S
    My first very simple song that I wrote, and put some music to.
    I think it is nice and meditative. Hope you like it. :-)

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